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is there right formula for love?

saw this blog by nicholas sim from FBodies. http://nicksim.tumblr.com/

thought it make alot of sense and was putting whatever on my mind right now into an Q&A session.

The right formula?

Q: Relationship
A: an emotional or intimate connection between people.

Q: Factors to contribute a happy and healthy relationship
A: Communication, understanding, patience, compromise, selfless, initiative, honesty and acceptance.

Q: Method of applying successful factors for a relationship
A:  (
Communication + understanding)(patience + compromise)(selfless + initiative)(honesty + acceptance) / 2

what am i missing here? in this long run of 2and a half yrs r/s, r we together because of compliance/habits or is it love?

why do i feel that we are running different pathways right now. Do we really have the same common dreams and goals?

there is sth missing always, i felt. I thot i was insanely sensitive so I force myself to suppress it. but times and times it will appear like a parasite. Slowly but surely, erroding my mind without realising it.

i cant help think back the memories we shared and it keeps drifting in my mind. We seem to be becoming like good buddies and just reporting what we r doing all the times.

I couldnt figure out what was the problem so as to find the solution when i was in singapore but u assume that was it because of someone else. hell no. I just feel there is a part of sth missing in this r/s but I couldnt figure out.

coming to states and being in a long distance r/s is nv easy i agree. but I seriously don think distance matters if we both have e strong will and heart to it. Advanced technology lessen all e distances apart wif all e phones and skype. But,

do u really understand what I want?
do I really understand what u want?
do we really want each other or are we just trying to change one another?

we can last forever i know. but i feel this is not me and i wouldnt be happy.


Counting down..to slp late days!

haha.. well, e entry is obvious. This sat is the last day at work and I'm really fretting over what to give to all my colleagues for my farewell. oh no oh no. cos i have a lot of ideas bt want to left one that is practical and yet can rmb. :D

I been so busy for this month as well. all the catch ups wif diff grps of friends. one event to highlight, met up wif evelyn and cheryl for my fav Sushi Tei. FRESH RAW SALMON~ omg. faint faint faint.

so good to see them both. we may nt work together for a long period but our bond is closer than those. they are ppl who taught by hooks of work life, correct me when i did sth wrong and is there to help me when shit happens. I am so happy to know that at least i have met TRUE colleagues in my work life. felt really great after the heart to heart chat over dinner. And evelyn gave me a BIG surprise,
evelyn farewell gift for me.
She say she noe i will miss home and tis remind her of me when i cry.(haha.. i was laughin hysterically when she say tis).

this is the close up. does my eyes really look like her when i cry? haha. :DD but I LIKE !
oh ya, also went to malaysia over the weekend to attend my cousin wedding. he is only 25 i think. omg they have 101 tables! anyway, remininse alot when we all are young. used to go malaysia and stay for a couple of days and they also come over our house. hahah. anway,after dinner den stay over at a rented mansion for all singapore relatives. den my gugu and guzha fetch us go ard at nite. haha. went to the 7 eleven where e building belongs to them -.-||| . in singapore if only i can get a parking lot i am already very rich lo. Makes me wanna stay in malaysia. hahah. den next day, went to eat their famous chandol wif the authetic gula melaka (which u cant get in singapore chandol-shiokness to the max!!!!) den go my granduncle beautiful mansion. went there last year and best part, everything still kept so kempt. if we are e ones living, cfmed it will turn to a warehse within 1 mth. hahaha. :P

anyway, the pictures here to that i zilian using my hp, the rest on camera lazy to upload:

Me and fat kid sister! haha..she look so beautiful! :D see my sacrifice now? hehe.

Thats after dinner camwhoring at the rented mansion. nice? hehe.*so thick skinned*

Like tis pic cos accidentally u can see my cute granny behind.

and, this is jus two events that i covered for tis month. gosh. so many things so lil time. no intent to leave out any events, jus that hp and com bluetooth is e easiest way so ya. :D-<

ciao~ au revoir~ my world.


P.s: need to spent more time wif my pudy. cos i been meeting friends and doing my things. but pudy, if u are reading this, I love u and booked u for a date just the two of us okies? our iteninary is unplanned and aimless. so we jus go anywhere, eat anything,do crazy stuff okies!!! :D 


Jun. 18th, 2010


okeys, I know my post starts wif such a BANG! hehe..  after 1946839563 days of not having a proper date together. On one fine tuesday evening, I was on my way to tamp to meet pudy for a simple dinner after work. While bus-ing on 969, I received a sms:

" punny, are u having any plans after dinner?"

I replied wif yours truly cruelty:" yea, watch buffetlicious follow by the noose?"

"can skip it?"

"huh...........................................................? pause for a moment. REALLY AR????????????????"

"yea lo,  i got surprise for you?"

so my dear world's no 1 unromantic pudy actually gaving me a surprise! And the surprise was, *Drums rolling*

MOVIE! SATC2!!!! *Yipee*

anyway, i just run thru briefly. I love pudy because he bought me to eat my favourite food, raw salmon @ sushi tei. follow by SATC2 just the two of us. so long dun have a proper date wif just the two of us, we talk alot over dinner, laugh at jokes and update each other. Main point, Love the times spent together. cos ever since pudy new job started in june and my preparations to states, we been meeting lesser and communicating lesser too. :(

to pudy: i uds u r working hard at ur new job so i wont disturb u. thanks for making e effort to plan tis simple yet enriching date, when i jus jokingly mention that u dun care abt punny le. :(



P.S: OMPunny! I think MISS LIEN e ANCIENT has jus email her first online  blog shopping. *shock the world*



i happy, u happy. we are happy.

well, things been hectic these past one mth plus. I been super busy wif activities and stuff that I barely find my time to even read a book. gosh. and im nt kidding man. hahaha. But all these buzz is for a good and happy reasons too...

My list of happy events that i can rmb from my punny brain:
1. My two year long dream is finally realized and Im heading to states to study :D

2. I have an wonderful birthday parties with all my best buddies!!:D Love all of u and the thought behind the surprise efforts and gifts! u guys nv fail to surprise me !!!

3. I caught up wif a few "long-time-no-see" friends for great chitchatting session. HI muran, hi dr henry and all my lab friends.

4. Kenny bought ayumi's latest album, rock n roll circus!! :DD yipee!!!

5. I think im getting fatter!

6. I went to the zoo!!! *but pandas haven arrive yet :(

7. I did my to-do list within the time frame! *beams*

8. I spent more time wif my loved ones that including my beloved PUDY!!! :D

9. I won and got the MISS GEST title for my work! my photos gonna be up on the tv screen of all nhg institutions i think, including all 9 polys. and vouchers waiting for me!!!

10. i ate lots of good food! hehe. cos i satisfy all my cravings!!!

11. I acutally got my closest contact wif a hugh dog(at least to me its hugh) abt my knee high la, she climb on to me and play wif me while i pretend to not be afraid in front of all my poly lab friends. e claws are painful la! BUT i did it!!! i didnt even scream or what!!! 

and many more...

even dad say i look more ahem... beautiful cos im so in such high spirits these few weeks... love that feeling! :D

i need to study really hard in school cos i chk out my school and realise that i got in pre-pharmacy course but cos i still need to complete some prerequisite courses and do my PCAT exams, interview plus essay. my first year gonna be tough. cos only 115 students is selected from the whole school to go into pharmD program lo.  gpa must at LEAST 3.0 and does not guaranteed u to get a seat in pharm.d.  can i do it? 

I MUST FOCUSED and WORK for MY FUTURE!!! Gambette ne!!!


R&B = Rebel + Butter!!

3rd April(Sat)- time checked. 10 plus pm, all geared up and headed out for a VERY MUCH ANTICIPATED outing with sm, fl &xh!!!
Cabbed to Butter Factory, bt we didnt really felt right at place (probably due to music and crowd a lil too cool and calm) and we decided switch to rebel in hope for a better night out!!


Sweet! we were so right! :D

enjoyed the girls company as usual, had a full stomach of fruit punch(1 large cup+ 2 regular cups), great music, glamorous ppl(alright nt all bt still...), met baba dave, & most imptly: great music spinned by the most handsome guy in the whole club MR DJ!!
 im totally mermerised by his skills and erhem ...looks too!!! BUT BUT, MY PANDA PRINCE KENNY is the


think either i have been too lifeless for some time or age is really catching up, im dead bushed and sian of the whole club. i seriously think we can all head down again with like a bigger crowd of friends the next time,mixture of boys and girls = MORE FUN AND LAUGHTER!!

anyway, sidetrack a lil. been pondering these thoughts for quite some time. i should go online more often. im losing touch wif my friends, world and most imptly, myself. gonna kick myself our of the wonderland and start some serious work. i shld start being the vain yi ting that i once was bt kept away somewhere.. i wanna go back dancing again. its been so long... shld i go back to fb for fb production but its been so long...haiz...

xoxo amuki

p.s: if u see this, i would like to say that is there anything wrong? y do I feel the distance btw us, i miss the good old sec days. i seem to be missing out alot. do u wanna fill me in? cos it aint nice feelin left out each time. :(


hey ppl,

the title explained all. omg! cant believe that the D&D that I had almost skip (cos its a friday and i still need to work on a sat) was a bomb! Im so so exhilaratering that I didnt miss it and went anyway. Why? cos...

1. its the first D&D for the NHG HQ (yea, i noe its nt for us pharmacy ppl) + its the ten anniversary!

2. im with the right crowd= fun filled night

3. half of the table won the lucky draw -> yes, I WON TOO!!! they brought me the luck!

4. Fabulous 8 course chinese & animal-friendly(say no to shark fins) dinner( ppl who went for various D&D shld know not to hav high expectations for the food)

5. wonderful emcee and activities

6. great theme(hollywood magic), lots of familiar faces around like alice in the wonderland, UP movie cast, shrek, pirates of the carribean & etc... (a pity though we wanted to do avatar, we would hav won the best table award $2000 cash or best dress individual $500 cash :P)
*but, kudo to those dress up u guys are fantastic from clothes, props to being the role itself!!

I will upload the photos once i get my hands on them!!!

Loooking so forward to our own NHG pharmacy D&D ten anniversary!!! thrilled!!! plus had my eye chk up already.. i m able to wear my lens bt i promise myself to wear it only on that day!



amuki signing off


Hello my friends!!!

NEW POST!!! :D *beams

Did lots of stuff, busy busy, exams, chilling, CNY, travelling, birthdays parties and recently THAILAND wif my girls!!! HEART!

Trying to summarise in ONE sentence for my lack of posts for the past few months and counting.... hehehe...

Well, I promise to be better and update regularly but all these after im done wif a MAJOR project of my LIFE! *PRAYS*

I hope everything turn out right... and guess what, as im bloggin and watching the news... I saw MY PHOTO on the news!!! MY NYP POSTER in the ATRIUM!!! though they remove it liao, hang there for abt two years of course la...

i must be mad. must be the adrenaline rush for today PT exam. kinda of disappointed cos i wanted to score. But serve me right for being a lazy girl. study one hour how to score?

This gonna sound random BUT!
friends, I hope no matter what i do or say that might cause unhappiness. forgive and love me??? I LOVE U ALL & I WILL BE THERE BY UR SIDE WHENEVER U NEED ME!!! Just tell me!!!



Guess why im still online????

Time check: Its 1.28am on a wed wee morning! I'm still online! And finally blogging!!! There is loads and loads of exciting and EXTRA-CITING activities that I have done last year 2009!!!!

SIAN! I gonna turn into a zombie again becos i need to work my timing out for both local and us timing. sian. so hard to even submit sth. why???


answer my phone... why u nt at your desk.... dun tell me u at lunch lo i already wait for an hour le.. i left 4 hrs to slp only... super sian for a NEED-MANY-HRS-OF-SLP person like me... my beauty hours is gone....sian sian...

i tink im talkin nonsence now due to my slp deprived brain....


amuki zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

a OMG day tomorrow!

haha... I cant think of a good title for this post so just bear with the OMG!!!

Anyway, surprised that Im blogging or in fact online(as in on my lappy)? haha. that's because I have to prepare some research on my this week topic (analgesics, cough and cold drugs) that I and Zhi hao will be going through with the pharmacists tomorrow! OMB! I feel so unprepared so I decided to further research on it! I don't wanna be dumbfounded when they bombard us with questions.


anyway, zeze was asking me whether I wanna join her and ong for the Japanese lessons but too expensive abt $300 plus . Though I really wanna learn! I always love to learn new languages esp japanese or a european language like french or spanish. Which reminds me that I told the pharmacists to send me learn bangadesh language then next time dispense, my counter specifically for them! HAHAHA!!! Then they will start spreading this wonderful news to their fellow ppl and BOOM!... I will boost the sales! :D see a splendid idea by ME!!! hahaha...

anyway, im still thinking whether is it worth to go CC to learn some dialects cause feedback from my friends tell me that not worth it. "Just learn on your own", that's what they say.

Today at work, celebrated Simon's birthday and coincidentally, both my boss and I wore purple top with white pants! OMB! so kawaii right! hahaha... work was fine today, saw vio when I was going to the ladies -.- hahaha.. but capturing is so stressful because there is so much things for me to learn. HOW to rmb all the DInteractions, max. dose for each drug and dosage and frequency and many other more!

so i must work hard and of course play hard too!!!

looking forward to tomorrow's gathering for yvonne's ong birthday celebration at si hui hse!

packed weekend again! with friday driving lesson, sat work n pei FL go buy clothes, sun driving lesson again + doing next week topics(OMB they cover 4 topics at one go-the most hectic topics)!

BUT I enjoy being busy! LOVES!



Happy 21st to siew siew mei mei!!!

Bussy week! this is the second week of work and my body need some time to get used to e constantly moving and standing (whole day) picking med.

Fri- after work, rushed to Aranda to help out siew mei with her birthday chalet set up. xue join us later abt 11 plus after her work. So record breaking, fangling actually tied and blow balloons! WOOHOO! I love siew siew, she bought ayumi cover vivi magazine(her sis brought back from taiwan) just for me to read. I LOVE U SIEW!I als wanna heart the three of u for asking me slp earlier becos of my work req(i need high concentration-its a matter of life and death like what my pharmacist say) and they stay up to finish all the purplicious decorations!

-my first sat at work! :D finished work went home to repacked everything and head down to chalet. haha, thanks to lee peng(e new snr), i managed to smuggle and blow 20 black and red helium balloons in a record time. I was trained from this previous job of scare balloons to now able to blow balloons! *BEAMING AMUKI* hid all balloons and with wang heng's help, able to bring all balloons safe and sound to #2313.

My b-day gal was making up and dressing up! so gorgeous! *claps hands* she is my super trusted make up artist. haha.. *fl, xh thanks for bringing over make up for me becos u all thot i need u all to help me make up! all my friends noe i dun make up due to my expensive sensitive skin. Yes, i heard u all... Im learning now! haha.. even my dad is whinin at me! hahaha...

anyway, back to e bday.i was the main photographer for my love's birthday! I enjoyed it so much and hope my virgin photographing event didnt disappointed u! its was so cute that everyone wore purple! and siew mummy and sister is so nice and chio! they very funny! now i have my taiwan khakis and auntie will now side me! BOOHAHA! siew mei, u be careful hor! dun bully me or i complained to auntie!
e purplicious gals!
i like this photo cos its a on e spur of the moment photo-captures our natural self!
just the four of us! rare photo! haha.
...................... HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY GAL!
Hope u like the ds lite we got u ! more birthdays to celebrate together every year! even when we all drop all our teeth and become cute ah ma!!!

the legendary punny princess and panda!
Sun- PANDA AND PRINCESS 1 year and 3 months anniversary! headed out to shop shop and makan at restaurant! I LOVE PANDA ! *ROARS!* muacks!